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Abortion is also known as Medical Termination of Pregnancy. Abortion is a procedure to end an unwanted pregnancy.

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Understanding Abortion

Abortion is also known as Medical Termination of Pregnancy. Abortion is a procedure to end an unwanted pregnancy. It can be done through Medical Method or Suction Method. Medical Abortion is one where the pregnancy is terminated through medicines up to 6 weeks. Whereas Suction Method is one where the foetus is removed from the uterus through suction machine up to 12 weeks. If the pregnancy is more than 12 weeks, then medicine has to give initially for priming of the uterus, then admit the patient after 48 hours, where pain induced & foetus gets expelled & remaining products and placenta are removed through suction under anaesthesia. It is day care procedure.

Legality of Abortion in India

In India, the termination of pregnancies is to be done in terms of the MTP Act, 1971. That section 3 of the Act permits any women to terminate their pregnancy up to 20 weeks by registered medical practitioners at any registered hospital or centre. That the Hon’ble Supreme court on 22.09.2022 in the landmark judgment X v. Principal Secretary Health & Family Welfare Department & Anr. [2022 SCC Online SC 905] permitted unmarried women or single for termination of their pregnancy up to 24 weeks. It is pertinent to mention that Dr. Rupali’s Abortion Centre is behind the said landmark judgment as it was her patient and the legal team of Dr. Rupali’s Abortion Centre went to the Supreme Court of India & fought for the fundamental right of reproduction and choice of the women & brought this change in the existing law.

Types of Abortion:

I. Medical Abortion

A. Pros:

  • • Easy to take Medicines
  • • No need to go to Hospital or Medical Centre

B. Cons:

  • • Uncertain as not always successful
  • • Painful & chances of heavy bleeding
  • • Symptoms of nausea and vomiting for 7 to 10 days
  • • Causes mental trauma and agony

II. Suction Abortion

A. Pros:

  • • Assured and Effective than medical abortion
  • • Painfree
  • • Relief in 15 minutes & Discharge in 3 hours
  • • Early recovery as can resume work from next day

B. Cons:

  • • Same day dizziness due to Anesthesia

Dr. Rupali’s Abortion Centre: Access to safe & legal abortions with dignity

Abortion or Medical Termination of Pregnancy is a deeply personal decision that many women face at various stages of life. Dr. Rupali’s Abortion Centre respects the decision taken by women & her partner in the prevailing situations & circumstances of the life. That the doctors at Dr. Rupali’s Abortion Centre inform patient about both methods of termination of pregnancy as per their gestational period. It is proud to share that Dr. Rupali’s Abortion Centre is an exclusive woman centric registered medical centre upto 24 weeks where patients can get their abortion or MTP’s safely and legally. All the doctors are highly experienced & compassionate towards their patients and similarly all the medical staff are highly trained and give holistic care during the procedure & even medical support [if any] after the procedure. That the best part with Dr. Rupali’s Abortion Centre is that the patient gets complete care, treatment and support at one place. The doctor consultation, 4D Colour Ultrasound, Lab Investigations, ECG suction procedure under anaesthesia and medicines at the time of discharge. The best part of Dr. Rupali’s Abortion Centre is that it gives assurance to all its patients by generating final ultrasound report of no pregnancy to all patients after three weeks of the suction procedure. Thus, the patient gets complete care & treatment from confirmation of unwanted pregnancy to no pregnancy.

Why Choose Dr. Rupali’s Abortion Centre?

Dr. Rupali Abortion Centre is a leading healthcare provider of exclusive abortion services in India. The doctors here are committed to provide safe, legal and pain-free abortions to all their patietns. There are many reasons to choose Dr. Rupali’s Abortion Centre over other unregistered clinics or centres mushrooming in Delhi NCR & playing with the lives of the people.

1. Govt. Registered Medical Centre up to 24 weeks for unmarried & married women.

2. India’s Exclusive Woman Centric Abortion Centre 24 x 7

3. Safe, Legal and Painfree Procedure

4. 15 Minutes Procedure and Discharge in 3 Hours

5. Expertise in Second Trimester Abortions from 12 to 24 Weeks

6. Assured, Affordable, Accessible and all Inclusive

7. Safe Abortion with Dignity

8. Highly Confidential

9. Holistic Care at one place

10. Highly Experienced Female Doctors and Trained Medical Staff

11. State of the Art OT & Divine Ambience

12. Already performed 1000 + Procedures safely and successfully

13. 4.9 Ratings and more than 4000 Positive Reviews

14. Behind Landmark Judgment passed by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India where right of abortion of unmarried woman increased from 20 to 24 weeks.

15. Trusted Abortion Centre for International patients.

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Dr. Rupali’s Abortion Centre is committed to empowering women with the knowledge & services they need for their reproductive health. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for safe & legal abortion services. Your health, safety and well-being are our top priorities as we not only do safe abortions rather perform same with dignity & confidentiality. Dr. Rupali’s Abortion Centre believe that Safe Abortion is a human right and right to reproduction and choice are the fundamental rights inherent under article 21 of the Constitution of India.