Pre-Pregnancy Checkup in South Delhi

At Dr. Rupali’s Abortion Centre in South Delhi,
we offer Pre-Pregnancy Checkup in South Delhi by highly qualified and experienced doctors.

Pre-Pregnancy Checkup in South Delhi

Pre-Pregnancy Checkup in South Delhi | Dr Rupali's Abortion Centre

Prenanatal Care and Pre-Pregnancy Checkups are really very important these days, to track the health of mother and upcoming baby and its is always recommended by doctors and gynaecologists.

What is Pre-Pregnancy Checkup?

Pre-Pregnancy Check-up is done to understand if your body and mind are ready for pregnancy or not. These check-ups are also essential to know the complications which may occur during the pregnancy.

The Medical conditions may affect pregnancy and can cause miscarriage sometimes, these medical conditions are such as:

  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Not Healthy Weight
  • Smoking Habit
  • Regressive Drinking Habit
  • Drugs, etc.

We at Dr. Rupali’s Abortion Centre do certain medical tests to identify the medical situations mentioned above and our experienced doctors help you to avoid these problems in your pregnancy.

What is Pre-Conception Check-up?

Pre-Conception Check-up is also Pre- Pregnancy Check-up but you can go through these check-up before planning about the baby or get pregnant. Anyone can go through this check-up before one year of Pregnancy also.

What happens in Pre-Pregnancy or Pre-Conception Check-Up at Dr. Rupali’s Abortion Centre?

At the Pre-Pregnancy Check-up Appointment with our doctors, you will have to go through few medical tests, based on these tests our doctors will advise you about your diet, prenatal vitamins, and other health-related concerns.

Pre-Pregnancy Checkup in South Delhi | Dr Rupali's Abortion Centre

What to Expect in Pre-Pregnancy Check-up?

Our doctors at Dr. Rupali’s Abortion Centre will start the Pre-Pregnancy Check-up after getting your full medical history from both the partners, we may suggest tests such as:

  • Hepatitis B immunity Test
  • Rubella, or German measles immunity Test
  • Chickenpox Immunity Test
  • HIV Test
  • Herpes
  • Thyroid Test
  • STDs like chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea