Surgical Abortion in Faridabad

Dr. Rupali's Abortion Centre is one of the best Abortion Centre in Faridabad,
providing Surgical Abortion to both local and out station patients.

Surgical Abortion in Faridabad

Dr. Rupali’s Abortion Hospital is a Govt. approved registered Hospital upto 24 weeks & is situated at 35A, Main Suraj Kund Road, Prahladpur, South Delhi 110044. Dr. Rupali Mishra is the Sonologist, Physician and Founder of Dr. Rupali’s Medical & Diagnostics & providing safe & legal abortion services other than 4D Colour Ultrasound, Pathology Lab, Digital X-Ray, OPG, ECG and Gynaec Consultation in South Delhi. It is pertinent to mention that the Hospital has confined its abortion services to Delhi only in order to focus more on quality care to all its patients. Thus, it is not having any other branches in states currently.

Vision of the Founder Dr. Rupali Mishra

The vision of Dr. Rupali Mishra is “to provide safe and legal abortion services in India and reduce the maternal mortality rate due to unsafe abortions”. She advocates & believes that abortion is a healthcare and basic fundamental right of a women. She also believes that no single women should be deprived from her basic human right of personal autonomy, bodily integrity, voluntary motherhood and right to choose.

Dr. Rupali Mishra- Behind Landmark Judgment of Right to Abortion for Unmarried Women upto 24 Weeks in India

It is also worth mentioning here that Dr. Rupali Mishra is behind the recent landmark judgment X v. The Principal Secretary Health & Family Welfare Department & Anr. [2022 SCC Online SC 905] passed by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India on 29.09.2022 inter alia the Hon’ble Court allowed unmarried or single woman to terminate their unwanted pregnancies upto 24 weeks. It is also remarkable & huge legal achievement for India as it is the only country in the whole world where abortions services can be availed by any women at any registered Hospital or Centre upto 24 weeks. Even the international patients from any part of the world (where abortion deems as illegal or unlawful restrictions imposed) can come to India for safe and legal abortions upto 24 weeks and that will help women in achieving their basic human & legal right of choice and reproduction.

Purpose & Object behind Dr. Rupali’s Abortion Hospital

It is significant to mention here that Dr. Rupali Mishra established Dr. Rupali’s Abortion Centre in South Delhi to provide safe and legal abortion services to all women either unmarried, single, married, divorcee, widowed, physically disabled or mentally retarded. The object behind establishing the exclusive Abortion Hospital in South Delhi is to reduce maternal mortality rate and maternal morbidity due to unsafe abortions. In our country, Unsafe abortions are the third leading cause of maternal mortality & close to 8 women die from causes related to unsafe abortions each day, according to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)’s State of the World Population Report 2022. Between 2007-2011, 67 percent of abortions in India were classified as unsafe. So, to prevent these maternal deaths & maternal morbidity, Dr. Rupali Mishra established Dr. Rupali’s Abortion Hospital to provide safe and legal abortion services upto 24 weeks in South Delhi. It is further remarkable to share that Dr. Rupali’s Abortion Hospital has performed more than one thousand safe Abortions.

Safe, Legal and Painless Abortion

All the Abortions at Dr. Rupali’s Abortion Centre are performed under safe and hygienic conditions. That before admitting the patient for the procedure, the initial blood test and ECG are required. After all investigations, the patient is admitted. The procedure is done by the Gynecologist in the operation theatre [OT] through suction and evacuation method followed by an ultrasound scan to rule out any retained products of conception [RPOC’s]. The procedure remains painless as done under IV anesthesia by anesthetist. The procedure runs 15 to 20 mintues and discharge in 3 hours approx. That the patient advised to come for follow up ultrasound scan after 3 weeks.

Privacy- Highly Confidential

It is further significant to mention that Dr. Rupali’s Abortion Hospital is an exclusive women centric hospital where privacy of the patient always remains highly confidential.

Divine and Peaceful Ambience

It is further state that the ambience of Dr. Rupali’s Abortion Hospital is highly peaceful, serene and divine. All the incoming patients feel very calm and relaxed here.